Days Are Numbers


Vicious Frieze I (1987) was the first of its kind. Two more followed.

Twenty more days.

It’s Saturday, just after work shift. Another work shift tomorrow.

But here I am today, posting № 80.

Seems this weekend is all about numbers.

Even Numbered Man only went to 35. You can read more about him here.

This Numbered Man used to dwell in a little art cave…

And I miss owning a drawing board! I love them!

The photo was snapped by my late grandfather in 1988, at my Hopkins apartment. Above the R.E.M. poster is Vicious Frieze I and to its right is Vicious Frieze II. (Vicious Frieze III was created the following year.)

Tomorrow I’ll take a breather and be back with № 81 (oh, hey — numbers again!) on Monday.

Peace out and…

100 Days of Words and Art for April 29, 2017

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