Dead Flower Pose


The Vicious Frieze I (1987) it Tells All!

A reader asks, “How do you come up with your headlines?”

Often I take a look out the window after drawing. Like I did this morning.

I try not to rely on the drawing; it feels a little like cheating.

Maybe I’ll stop and think about the mood for the day, the moment, the drawing, whether I’m feeling well-rested or too hungry…

…Then just go for something.

Someone just told this plant it snowed last night. Don’t give up, little plant!

Anyway, no late night drawing as I collapsed after 12 hours of work.

Guess what? Doing it again today! 12 hours! Hip-hip-hooray!

Feelin’ like a man standin’ up to be shot down.

A thought: You don’t want MORE time to do creative work. You want to USE the time you HAVE (or find ways to fill in time, formerly known as “multi-tasking,” which is a dumb-as-dirt concept).

It comes down to priorities.

This 100-Day Project has now become too valuable to ditch.

So even though I have a 12-hour shift staring me down today, I will take some time to do my drawing, which others may consider useless. Your mileage may vary:

100 Days of Words and Art for 4–11–2017

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