Desperation Linguine


The Vicious Frieze I (1987) often had Linguine and Clam Sauce for dinner.

Five full days … and counting.

And feeling rushed to get out the door, so the only insight I have is about the subjective nature of declaring anything “al dente.”

Also, the Internet is only as helpful as the amount of thoughtful people who don’t do what I’m doing now: rushing to get something on the Internet without giving it a lot of thought.

In other words, “Your pasta is under-cooked, my friend.”

I’ve found these toothy tomes helpful in the past.

Perhaps what we all need these days is permission to slow down, consider things more carefully, take weeks and months (if necessary) to work on something — rather than panic for 100 days about writing and art and doodling and nonsense…

You know, kind of like I’ve been doing. :-/

100 Days of Words and Art for May 19, 2017

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