Fireplaces and Chimneys


Here you have one Standard Issue Vicious Frieze minted in A.D. 1987, Type 1A of 3.

In a funk.

Or a simulacrum of a funk. In a funk over a semi-minimum of moolah.

But hey, let’s lock ’n’ load, baby. *Puts on ridiculous game face*

You: “Not foolin’ me, buster. You wanna quit, don’tcha?”
Me: “Ahhhh…’m busted. Guilty as charged.”
You: “DON’T YOU DAMN DO IT. Even on the bad days. Especially on the bad days.”
Me: “Ya think? Why? Nobody cares.”
You: “Oh, pooh. You don’t know what everyone knows.”

Here are the usual log sizes:

Always go for the knots. More interesting. You’re welcome.

One cord of wood = 128 cubic feet.

Majestic Throats and Damn-the-Dampers!

Smoke gets in your eyes.

I’m stuck in the flue, Sue.

Take a powder, chum.

Have a chunk of wood, and grant me this wish:

Carry on until another day, finding signal in the noise.


“Let your mind become a lens, thanks to the converging rays of attention; let your soul be all intent on whatever it is that is established in your mind as a dominant, wholly absorbing idea.” — Antonin-Dalmace Sertillanges
100 Days of Words and Art, 2–4–2017

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