Money made the Vicious Frieze I (1987) go.

Money is the hardware.

Desire is the software.

Lately it’s been tempting to connect the two, being caught in the middle of Purgatory, between Bad Love (no money) + Immoderate Love (desire for it).

Too little love, baby, down here in the airless shaft.

Many years ago I wrote The Encyclopedia of Necessary Atrocities. You can read about it here.

One entry was called “A History of Nails.”

I’m reminded of this because today’s offering from Dad’s old book is a chapter on Hardware. Nails, as you can guess, figure prominently.

Nails. Common and Not-so-common nails.

Yeah, nails are necessary hardware. They’re connectors. They keep the construction together.

I’ll be honest with you.

I’m out here hurting. Waiting for things to come together. Feeling like I’ve been left for dead, out in the desert.

SOS: Need food and more pens. Send message and donations via Venmo. I am grateful.

I can pick up whatever I have and make the best use of it, but what’s really helped lately is the kindness of people, new and old. I will keep going, but struggling through good days and bad days, with so much uncertainty, has been tough.

But I remain hopeful.

[100 Days of Words and Art, 2–15–2017]

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