Have Jobs Come to You


The Vicious Frieze I (1987) worked cash money for its own pens.

Meeting Room 21B is in chaos.

People are murmuring, mostly in small groups, and no one wants to be there. Even the earnest ones sitting in the front, blankly staring straight ahead, look ill at ease.

Some were so worried they were entirely faceless. Source: Minneapolis StarTribune ad.

The Big Cheese arrives and no one cares. The hubbub continues.

He goes to the whiteboard and grabs a thick black marker.

B.C. glares at everyone, some take their seats, but the tension in the room remains. He uncaps the pen, goes to the whiteboard, and draws a horizontal line.

[I’m not going to draw a line. You know what a line looks like.]

He turns to the group.


Everyone stares at the whiteboard for what seems like an eternity.

B.C.’s mouth is set in a line as grim as the one on the board. Finally, in the back, a chair squeaks.

Someone clears a throat and says, “It’s a line.”

B.C. (flatly): “Exactly.”

100 Days of Words and Art for May 1, 2017

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