Instinct’s a Wonderful Thing, Isn’t It, Mark?


A photograph of a piece that is The Vicious Frieze I (1987) and will ever be.


“Instinct’s a wonderful thing, isn’t it, Mark? A pity it can’t be photographed.”
 — Mrs. Stevens, Peeping Tom

Let’s have some fun on this very unlucky day.

Q: What’s your favorite ___________?

Mmmmmm, month?

A: Mayvember

Oh, now you’re just being silly.

Look closely now.

No, closer…

C’mon, even closer…


Now there you are! Is the one eye menacing enough? Or do you find it pleasant and welcoming?

Even if your smile is uneasy, relax, chum. Your trial is nearly done.

You’re almost at the finish line.

Everyone who doubted you can eat their dirty socks.


100 Days of Words and Art for 4–13–2017

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