Mechanical Equipment and Related Technical Information (Part 1)


Technically, this is Vicious Frieze I (1987) of III (1989).

First off, apologies: this chapter is so long that it’s gonna take two posts.

Highly technical. So, strap in.

Let’s turn up the heat a bit.

This, from Alyssa’s Journal:

“…virtue appears to me to be nothing but resistance to love.”

Then she quotes La Bruyère:

“In the course of this life one sometimes meets with pleasures so dear, promises so tender, which are yet forbidden to us, that it is natural to desire at least that they might be permitted: charms so great can be surpassed only when virtue teaches us to renounce them.” — Andre Gide, Strait Is The Gate

Or, try this on for size:

“At Carleton College, young Veblen was considered a brilliant unsound eccentric; nobody could understand why a boy of such attainments wouldn’t settle down to the business of the day, which was to buttress property and profits with anything usable in the debris of Christian ethics and eighteenth-century economics that cluttered the minds of collegeprofessors, and to reinforce the sacred, already shaky edifice with the new strong girderwork of science Herbert Spencer was throwing up for the benefit of the bosses. People complained they never knew whether Veblen was joking or serious.” 
John Dos Passos, USA, “The Big Money”

Let’s check the Universal Sun Chart:

Ooooooh, quite universal.

A bit of orientation is in order:

Here is your Orientation Chart. You Are: Here.

Thank you for your time and now here’s today’s nom-nom:

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