One Banana, Older Than the Rest


The Vicious Frieze I (1987) was about 27 years old. YOUNG Banana.

I’m laughing about this because I know at least one other human is.

It happened no more than an hour and a half ago and I was walking down the street, heading home. I was in a fairly good mood.

This is crucial to the story, so bear with me.

When I enter a crosswalk, I always look for cars. Was hit by a car once. When I was legally in a crosswalk.

So I speak from experience.

I’m in the crosswalk and car goes well past the red light and I fire off a good middle-finger big-ass bird in the eye of the motorist. The funny part was how I enjoyed spitting on cars and catching the bemused smirk of the guy behind the wheel of another car behind me when I made the crossing.

It was like he agreed, at least that’s what I read from the smirk. I didn’t rant and swear and shit, just full up fuck you, American Asshole.

OK I forgot why I was here. Maybe this.

“I know my banana is older than the rest.”

I started drawing Sunday night (this is getting habitual), but I hated it. Here it is anyway, for today’s offering:


Instead, I did this about an hour ago whilst suckin’ Monkberry Moon Delight.

Don’t get left behind.

100 Days of Words and Art for 3–27–2017

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