Upward, onward, froward & backward goeth the Vicious Frieze I (1987).

Took my week’s break yesterday instead of today.

But still doing artwork — now getting paid for it!

So, 30 more days.

What direction should 100 Days of Words and Art take during that time? I think I can guess.

No, that’s not it. I think I CAN make it!

The commonalities of these posts are familiar even to me: doodles of faces with lettering and squiggles and angles, circles, bubbles, crosshatching, etc.

What can I learn and share in the next month?

How to draw a full body? A cartoon body? Hands? Arms, legs, naughty bits?

Scratch that last part. Literally, if you want.

Resources seem to be improving. Time will feel more crunched, but I will make the time.

It’s all part of the rising and rebirth.

100 Days of Words and Art for Easter morning, 4–16–2017

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