Sports and Games


Viciously sportzin’ a Frieze I (1987).

The playground is analog.

But the Jungle Gym is digital.

Fun things you can do alone (some equipment required).

Maybe the Internet is your Merry-Go-Round.

Or maybe it feels completely real and substantial to you.

Thrillin’ in the hillocks (no equipment required).
“When it’s noon in the United States, the sun, as everyone knows, is setting over France. If you could fly to France in one minute, you could watch the sunset. Unfortunately France is much too far. But on your tiny planet, all you had to do was move your chair a few feet. And you would watch the twilight whenever you wanted to…” — Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, The Little Prince

To me it feels like a labyrinth. Only, the kind I wanted to escape from over an hour ago.

For you it could be your own private Concrete Whatnot.

Feel free to hump your Concrete Whatnot. Note: Difficult to maintain in sanitary condition.
“When Banzan was walking through a market he overheard a conversation with a butcher and his customer.
‘Give me the best piece of meat you have,’ said the customer.
‘Everything in my shop is the best,’ replied the butcher. ‘You cannot find here any piece of meat that isn’t the best.’
At these words…”

…Banzan ordered the butcher’s hot pastrami on rye, smiled broadly, and became enlightened.

Whatever you choose, I’d venture to guess that it’s not Digital > Analog or vice versa. It’s taken me 30+ years (since my first Mac IIsi in 1986) to recalibrate the equation. It’s of course morphed from The Well, AOL, dial-up modems, and chat rooms to social media, mobile apps, and — well, one brain-dead human.

…who could probably seriously use one of these about now:

One for the kiddos, one for the star-crossed lovers, and one for a still-dizzy Miss Julie Andrews.
“Halfway down the stairs
 Is a stair
 Where I sit. 
 There isn’t any
 Other stair
 Quite like 
 I’m not at the bottom, 
 I’m not at the top; 
 So this is the stair
 I always
Halfway up the stairs
 Isn’t up, 
 And it isn’t down. 
 It isn’t in the nursery, 
 It isn’t in the town. 
 And all sorts of funny thoughts
 Run round my head: 
 ‘It isn’t really 
 It’s somewhere else
— A.A. Milne, When We Were Very Young

Dr. Recess is blowing his whistle…

[100 Days of Words and Art, 2–24–2017]

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