When You Gonna Find the Strength of Your Nature?


The Vicious Frieze I (1987) could have easily been called The Stubborn Frieze.


Hey-ho, Merriam-Webster: “…an influence or atmosphere that tends to deplete or corrupt.”

Seems a lot of people are in a miasma these days.

How are you experiencing your miasma this year?

It occurred to me this morning that being a creative person means miasma arrives baked-in. And people who “have issues” with creatives can’t get past that. I have to admit I dislike it in myself because I’m fairly well organized. Case-in-point: you can’t do “100 Days of Words and Art” for 100 Days and not have some degree of competency. But then again, look at the White House. Hey don’t get me started.

Drawing has helped calm me down.

So, when are YOU going to find the strength of your nature? That still small (childlike, I’d add) voice that directs the work you most want to do?

When you are you going to let yourself take control of it?

100 Days of Words and Art for May 17, 2017

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