Keep Wooden Blinds Clean for Longer Life

Wooden window blinds are in use for centuries now. In fact, they were patented in 1769, by Edward Baren, in London, however, farcical that may sound. The Japanese have been using them for centuries before Mr Baren patented window blinds in London. These blinds were originally designed in Iran (then Persia) and the trader from Venice often purchased those according to their taste and resold them. Thus, they inherited the name, Venetian Blinds. Presently, so many different claims are made about the origination of these blinds.

Before finding proper blinds for your windows, you might want to think of the interior of your room including the colour, the lighting you have and also how much effort you want to put in. If you are not planning to change the furniture inside or the colour of your room, don’t worry as the wooden blinds go well with most of the colours.

You can always make your blinds from natural wood but you need to keep them dust-free and clean. The reason is that when dust is caught inside the grain of the wood, it reduces the lifespan of the wood. This is make your blinds rot easily, something which you surely don’t want. However, wooden blinds are not too difficult to clean as most of them have a protective coating on them and you can simply wipe them clean. They also come with a robust glaze and wiping with a wet cloth is sufficient to remove the dirt.