Least Expected

In life you meet so many people and few stick around for the entire ride. There have been times in my life I can honestly say I thought other people would still be around and would have never guessed the ones that are still here now. However those people are the footprints that last forever. Their impacts are much larger then they know.

In my early twenties I went through a very rough time. I was a big mess and I’m positive without being surrounded by the people I had I wouldn’t have made it. I happened to meet a girl who would become my selfie partner and bar/club scene partner in crime. If you asked me then if I thought she would be in my life forever I wouldn’t have guessed yes. But she is. You see she is one of the very few still around. She has never judged me. She has always accepted me even when we got beyond months without seeing each other. She has forgiven my mistakes countless times and still sticks around. There isn’t a lot of people like her in this world and why she puts up with me, I’m not quite sure; but I’m grateful!

The interesting thing about her though is she has absolutely no clue how amazing she is. She lives each day with a condition called NF also known as Neurofibromatosis. This condition causes non-cancerous tumors to grow inside her. If you met her you wouldn’t know she had it. She also has a self-esteem issue. For some damn reason this condition attributes to her not thinking that she is downright beautiful or smart enough. She is seriously intelligent and hardworking and beyond beautiful. She is stunning. If I could do anything for her it would be to allow her to see herself through everyone else’s eyes, because if she saw what we saw there is no way she could deny how amazing she is. I love you Jenny.

The next person in my life is my soul mate. Many of you probably immediately think romantic. That would make you wrong. When I was in high school I was a strange kid. I had a knack for making myself completely weird and by far the opposite direction of pretty. I shaved all my hair off and pretty much wore all black. That is when I saw a boy with half his head shaved and eyeliner dripping down and fishnet sleeves he didn’t laugh or joke at me. He became my best friend. I spent many nights watching his band play high school type gigs and he would always make the other girls jealous of me. A great thing right. That is what guys are supposed to do! He has stood by me through some of the most messed up parts of life. One New Year’s Eve I had been the absolutely worse girlfriend ever! I ended up getting in a car accident and instead of holding a grudge this boy turned around and drove two hours back to me immediately. Years later when fighting with myself and a horrible marriage he would be the one person I could always call to make me smile. He always has been my happy. It doesn’t need to be sexual or romantic. He just gets me and I get him.

A few years back he lost his Mom. I know for a fact the reason this guy is so amazing is thanks to her. She raised him right. If more people had Mom’s like him the world would be a better place and I say that with one hundred percent truth. His musical genius side has grown and he’s becoming pretty famous with his rock star band. I know very soon he will be so famous I will have to fight fans to get a second with him. Regardless I’m lucky to always have my Mikey. (Try and call him that.. You might get hurt.)

Then there is the girl who demands more of me and captures me in a way no one else ever has. Not a lot of people in my life stand up to me. She has a knack for ticking me off every time we talk. But not in a bad way, in a way that she refuses to accept my bull crap and always pushes me for more. She wakes me up and keeps me realistic. However I can 100% say that regardless of how crappy of a friend I have been or the stupid things I have done, she has always been here for me when I need her most. She has all my social media passwords majority of the time and she is the only person in this world I trust one hundred percent with my deepest and darkest secrets.

This amazing girl has been through more than most people could imagine and she managed to not only make it through she conquers and rules her way through it. She has used negative situations to make positive situations for others. She is independent and fierce. A full time job and amazing Mom. She also has camera lens eyes. I say that because when you see the photos she takes, art comes to life. I don’t know how I got lucky enough to have Megan walk into my life and not walk out, but I’ll take it!

The newbie in my life was the least expected. I remember the first time I met him was at Tilted Kilt and up walks this skinny black boy with glasses. I thought he was such a dork. I never would have thought two years later I couldn’t picture my life without him. He ended up opening up his home and heart to me. He kept me smiling when others couldn’t. Like above he also is always straight up with me, even when I don’t want to hear it. He pushes me to be better and do better and won’t accept petty crap from me. However he manages to get me in trouble often too. Don’t deny it, it’s true. He has a way of bringing out the wilder version of me.

I’m pretty sure he is more of a girl than I am. The fact I can always steal chocolate from his room or the fact he can dress me better than I can. He always knows when to say the most inappropriate thing and always make sure he does. He comes off as a party boy who won’t settle down but anyone who knows the real him knows that is a fictitious version of the real him. He has a beautiful home, beautiful car, great job, and amazing personality. Oh crap did that just sound like a dating ad. He is single ladies. Just let me know and I’ll pass his number along. LOL. Regardless who knew this boy would become one of my besties. You are never escaping Terry.

I think the point of this is many people come in to our lives. All for a reason. They all leave footprints in our hearts and souls. However not all stay. They aren’t all meant too. But the few that do are here for a reason. I’d be happy with one but I am lucky enough to have four!

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