I came across this medium entry and as I started to read I knew this had an Atheism outlook, and as…

Truly funny! Why in the world would you quote Bible scriptures to those of us who don’t believe in Bible scriptures and all its backward practices and accoutrements? P.S., “morals” is a personal construct, born of experience with — and empathy for — other human beings regardless of their professed religious beliefs or lack thereof. It means you accept personal responsibility for who you are, how you act and the resulting consequences rather than ascribing it to bowing down ”correctly” to some invisible guy in the sky who then forgives you so you can do it all wrong again! Humans created that higher power to revere as a way to avoid personal responsibility, control others, assign them a pecking order and give them a crutch to lean on so they don‘t have to accept their inevitable human end point. “Morals” have nothing to do with your narrow dogma that preaches that only those who believe as YOU believe are worthwhile humans. BTW, who assigned YOU to the throne of judgment? Last time I checked, arrogance was a sin. You are arrogant to believe that there is something special about you because you choose to wallow in a medieval religious belief system with stringent “entry requirements” that MEN set to they can feel special and exclude and judge others who don’t practice what they practice. WWJD? Not THIS!! I’d feel sorry for you being so blind to your own religious pomposity, except that you’ll likely never truly understand or respect other humans and their belief systems because you are so steeped in your own self-soothing hypocrisy.

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