Ultimately it was Hillary who is responsible for losing the election.
Louis Hommel

Yes, HRC was responsible. but that evades my question: I saw PLENTY of so-called “conservative” news outlets (many of them pandering to the worst of the white supremacist sympathies movement!) such as Breitbart, The Blaze, InfoWars and even certain commentators on the supposedly hallowed Fox News national network. They promote below-the-surface racial, religious and political tension (and, by association, hate and violence) with their op-eds. People like Rush Limbaugh, Alex Jones, Ann Coulter, Tomi Lahren, Milo Yannopoulos and even those Fox News commentators like Bill O’Reilly , Bob Bectel and Sean Hannity. Some of them, like Hannity, aren’t even journalists. O’Reilly lied about his press credentials in his books. Are those the sort of conservative “journalists” you think are admirable? I don’t. They are entertainers and should be presented as such.

I have employed the 5 “Ws” my entire 40+ year life in print journalism, 15 years of those as a correspondent with the world’ s largest news wire. I do not believe a reporter should insert his or her opinion into hard news. That makes it an op-ed. It should be labeled as such. This shift toward thinking that the reporter’s opinion matters when delivering facts is truly misguided. We need a return to clear silos for news versus editorial; better news editing; better headline-writing; and better parsing of editorial content.

And, unfortunately, too many consumers are bloated with nonstop click-bait “news” and have become lazy. They want someone else to tell them what to think and believe. They exist in an self-reinforcing echo chamber of their existing opinions, where all other ideas are drowned out and excluded from consideration. Others are too gullible — especially people in the fly-over states (where I grew up!) and in my age group (which is the same as yours) to understand that just because someone says something in print or on the air doesn’t make it true. So there is plenty of blame to pass around.

HRC may have lost the election due to her own foibles. But the so-called media — both liberal AND conservative — are equally culpable. They have duped their audiences into believing (wrongly!) that they are neutral messengers. They are not. “If you Mother says she loves you, check it out.” We veteran journalists should live by that and teach it to the younger ones who don’t understand that difference. It’s too important to ignore.

Cheers, sir.

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