The Future of New Music?

This is a new idea I am experimenting with…. I have no idea if anyone is interested in a spiel in this direction, but working in music and seeing so much new music, week in and week out it would be good to keep tabs on my thoughts and ideas before they disappear into the ether

I have simultaniouly set up a twitter the composers' friend and facebook @composersfriend if of interest

Modern music more closely linked to the classical tradition of music writing and it’s future is constantly something on my mind. In the 21st century as music as a whole has moved on so much further, is there really a need for modern orchestral works trying to lead on from several hundred years of writing… is there really anything new to say or have audiences moved on? Are audiences only interested in the classics or something far more innovative or more closely linked to the mediums of films and games which they can connect with. Are conservatoires in touch with what audiences really want or too stuck in history? Are funders, publishers and commissioners really supporting music future audiences want to hear or just something that is a legacy of their own education?

For a modern classical composer what is a real way forward where your music might still be listened to in 100 years? No-one really knows but it is a facintating question.

In this blog over time, but maybe not on a regualr basis but when ideas flow I may explore ideas or fustrations on the subject to share with others who might be interested. They will only be thoughts or ideas that not everyone will agree with. But I really feel the modern composer needs to change if classical music in some form will continue to exit… or should it?

The Composers’ friend, over and out

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