one year of popping hormones and anxiety about having my skull broke
Meera Abi Nakhoul

“is genderqueer a privileged identity that’s mostly available to female-assigned people with punk rock haircuts in college?”

As a female-assigned guy, let me correct this a bit:

“…a privileged identity that’s mostly available to fairly flat-chested white female-assigned people with punk rock haircuts whose tastes and behaviors fit with what people think a genderfucked person would look/act like?”

It’s sort of strange to hear someone else say that, because I think it too, but in my case it’s because I do have large breasts and wide hips (take them, please, I don’t want them) and I like glitter and makeup and shit, so when I say “I’m actually trans” I literally get laughed at and told I’m “confused and don’t know what you want” or I’m read as a butch lesbian. Or just asked “why do you want to be a man if you like dresses?” “How can you call yourself trans if you’re not on hormones? If you’re not taking hormones, what is the point of the whole charade, may I ask?”*

*that last part is a direct quote from one especially pleasant character.

So yeah, suffice it to say that although I think all I just managed to really do was obnoxiously monopolize a comment section for a few minutes (and I’m sorry; I have never been able to say “I understand/I feel this” without it involving a ramble about some experience of mine, and maybe I need to learn some other way to do it) what I’m TRYING to say is basically “ugh. yep. i relate to this.”

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