Advantages of Using Compost Turner

The following are some advantages of using compost tuner.

Nutrient supply: Compost buffers the soil, neutralizing both acid & alkaline soils, bringing pH levels to the optimum range for nutrient availability to plants. It alters soil structure, making it less likely to erode, and prevents soil spattering on plants — spreading disease.

Reducing toxins: Soils are exposed to toxic substances such as fuel or pesticides, it is helpful to regrowth to the health of the soil if added them to the compost soil. It can prevent the spread of contaminants into the water source and the nearby plants, this means that not only the soil but the water and plants nearby will be more healthier.

Keep oil humidification: Healthy soil is an important factor in protecting our waters. Compost increases soil’s ability to retain water & decreases runoff. Runoff pollutes water by carrying soil, fertilizers and pesticides to nearby streams.

Reduces odor: Composting releases ammonia which reduces the odour emitted. Compost is a stable product which is free from offensive odours.

Environmental protection: It can mitigates climate change (global warming), reduces greenhouse gases, and reduces water pollution.