Latest Published Composting Technologies <<< windrow composting, MSW composting, fish waste composting etc.

What is Windrow Composting? Its Process, Advantages and Applications

  • Windrow composting is one of the most popular commercial composting technology in the world. It benefits our environment by thoroughly decomposition of compostable wastes. Let’s start learn its processing technology and advantages.

Technical Analysis on Municipal Solid Waste Composting

  • Municipal solid waste composting is aiming to kill the pathogen and make compost safe to use by controlling the conditions. In this article, we will introduce solid waste sorting and MSW windrow composting method.

Fish Waste Composting Technology and Composting Machines

  • Fish waste composting process includes waste piling, balancing C:N ratio, lowering water content, and compost turner machine periodically turning.

Composting: An Effective and Secure Sludge Treatment Method

  • Composting is the most popular municipal sludge treatment method. Processing wastewater into biosolids, then further compost biosolids to organic fertilizer to use in agriculture.

Composting Olive Mill Pomace Seen as an Economical Waste Management Method

  • Olive mill pomace, as one of olive mill residue, can be used in composting organic fertilizer. It is a recycling and beneficial option for olive mill production.

Benefits of Compost: what makes compost popular and favoured in the world

  • compost is a kind of organic fertilizer accumulated and decomposed by various organic waste such as green manure, grass, wood chips, straw etc. It can transfer the waste into materials easy to dispose and create valuable products like organic fertilizer.


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