Agile Radiology

Radiologists read symptoms from an xray.

stories (count) by open, closed, in progress over time.

These are guesses… but here goes…

  1. every year or so, someone comes along and closes a whole bunch of stories in one go (the sharp splits in the middle teal colored area)
  2. Enthusiasm for the tool (and perhaps the process) waned after the first 3 months
  3. Apart from at the start and at the end, people worked on and closed stories as they came in. (nice)
  4. At the beginning there was an awful lot of wasted time entering data.
  5. Towards the end demonstrates a failure to learn from #4.
  6. The team burn down rate slowed considerably after 6 months and never regained its original momentum. Was this a brand new product? Did the team size change?
  7. It looks like a new product manager joined the team in Oct 2015.
  8. He or she missed the opportunity to clear out the closet.

How do you read this chart?