Stand Up and be Agile

This is not about stand up meetings. It’s about stand up desks.

specifically these stand up desks.

We bought 6 of them 2 or 3 weeks ago. Out of the people in the team that started using them — 4 still do. Two are fully committed having mounted monitors on top (not recommended). I use mine with my laptop and wireless kbd/mouse. Its incredibly easy to move my set up down one level — so when I need to sit — I can sit.

I wandered around the building and saw a handful of very expensive pneumatic controlled rotating self-leveling whatever stand up desks. Sure, we are using expensive cardboard boxes. And they’ll probably fall apart in another 8–10 weeks. But at $25 each… its a great fit for our team.

OK let’s — tie it back to Agile. A few weeks ago we were discussing how sitting all day seemed like it was bad for us. Occasionally, in the past, one or two of us had used books or some other mechanism to allow us to stand. It was cumbersome and complicated to move from seated to standing, and eventually most people ended up sitting again.

Before oristand came along — what solutions would we have had to explore? Filling out forms with HR, budgeting new desks, waiting for delivery, set up, faced expense and embaressment if it didnt work out?

Agile thinking and oristand led us to whip out a credit card for some expensive cardboard, get them, use them and move on.

Our cardboard desks are a quick, fast and inexpensive solution to a problem. If it makes sense after some more time — we can decide to purchase something more permanent — or just shell out $25 ever 8–10 weeks.

We prototyped the idea of standing up. We’re testing it, it didnt work for 2 of us — the other 4 are still testing. At the end we can throw it away, renew or move to something else.

Fast, quick, under-engineered solution — that we can refine or throw away. Perfect.

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