Discussing the Two Most Popular Versions of Air Compressors

Piston Air Compressors

Because there are several versions available in the markets, experts recommend that while buying compressors, you should be loaded with lots of crucial information. This information would only prevent you from confusions, paying more than required and also from buying the wrong product. On this page, you’ll go through the details of the two most popular versions available in the markets, so sit tight as we start right now.

Reciprocating piston air compressors

• Upon studying, you’ll learn that it uses a piston that moves in and out of a cylinder to compress the air.
• This is the reason why this term “reciprocating” is attached to its name as here; it means moving back and front. 
• In general cases, a piston moves in and out, but you’ll also notice a rubber membrane in the membrane compressor.
• There are two sets of valves taking care of the air intake and exhaust.
• This version of piston air compressors is available as lubricated and oil-free version.
• As mentioned above, two cylinders are used in V- shape, while the compact version has just one cylinder.
• This version is nowadays available from 1 HP to about 30 HP.
• They can be used at a number of places for tasks like running hand-tools, cleaning dust, small paint jobs, etc. 
• Other than the rotary air compressor, this is the most popular version prevailing in the markets today.
Piston air compressor parts are also available very easily and this means, you can maintain, service and repair them with extreme ease.

Listed below are the pros of this version

• They are relatively cheap
• They are extremely easy to maintain
• They are easy to understand as far as the working mechanism and inner working is concerned
• Suitable for high pressures

Now let us know some cons as well, of this version. They are -

• They are very, very noisy
• Keep it in a sound-isolating box or in its own room
• It has a high outlet temperature for compressed air
• You get a high oil content in air piping

Rotary screw compressor (oil-injected or oil-free)

The next subject of discussion here is the rotary screw compressor that is available in two forms. They are — oil-injected and oil-free.

•It uses helical screws or two rotors to compress the air. These rotors have a very special shape and they turn in opposite directions with very little clearance area between them.
• Air sucked at one ends gets trapped while the second end opens to push it inside the tank.
• The oil injected version is the most popular and frequently purchased as it comes with a lower price tag.
• The other version should be preferred only when your application requires 100 percent oil-free air.

The pros of this version are as follows –

• They have a very low noise level
• It can be parked inside the workshop and used without ear-protection gear
• It works in HP and can supply a large amount of compressed air for a really long time.
• They have energy-efficiency features as compared to piston air compressors.
• They offer relatively low-end t