Leveraging Twitter to Advance Your Business

Making sure that Twitter marketing is included in your strategy

  • Post effective graphic images in your tweets: Even though Twitter limits you to 140 characters (with spaces) maximum, you still need to make the most of that. You should never think that space limit means that you can only post words. You can do all sorts of things in that amount of space. Images should be a very important part of your tweets because they generally get a lot more attention than words without images.
  • The fact is that many people are visual in nature. That means that they will respond more positively to images than to words alone. Statistically, your tweets will probably get a lot more attention with images in there. There are also those rare occasions when you can use images without words because the images are so powerful and so clearly understood that no words need to be written. However, remember that those times are extremely rare.
  • Ensure that your images are the right size for Twitter: It is important for you to understand that the size of your images is extremely important. This is part of your search engine optimization (SEO). If you have a combination of words and images, you need to make sure that one doesn’t overwhelm the other. In general, rectangular, rather than square, shapes are best. If you take photos with your phone, make sure that you take those photos in landscape so that it will be easy for you once you are ready to embed them in your content.
  • Take advantage of Twitter’s advanced search tool: Although Twitter’s search function is good, the advanced search function gives you a lot more. It will give you a lot of valuable data that will help you to acquire new leads quickly.
  • When you are in the advanced search function, you will need to fill in all of the boxes and then you can be a part of the numerous discussions that are simultaneously taking place. It is essential that you jump into all of the relevant conversations that you can because you need to build relationships with new people and that is the way to do it. Make sure to build Twitter marketing (and what we have discussed up to this point) into your strategy so that it is not allowed to fall through the cracks.
  • Make sure that your content holds value: Within the confines of your space limitation, make sure that you offer as much value as possible to your target audience members. If it were reversed, you would want to read valuable pieces of content from other people. Nobody wants to waste time on content that doesn’t have any value. Your tweets have a purpose. They are the tool that you are using to engage the other person, to create meaningful interactions, and to give the other person the benefit of your knowledge.
  • Automate your tweets whenever possible: When it comes to content (this applies to all content, not just tweets), you should try to steer clear of time-sensitive articles. If you can make everything that you write and post evergreen, that will make your life a lot easier because you can automate your tweets and recycle them (after a reasonable amount of time).
  • The truth is that posting content several times a week is a lot of pressure and you may not have the time to sit down and create original content and then post it manually every week. However, if you want to automate the content, there are tools that can help you to do that quite easily.


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Michael Cohn

Michael Cohn


Michael Cohn founded CompuKol Communications to help small businesses and entrepreneurs increase their visibility, reputation, trustworthiness and credibility.