Creating Reusable Components with Vue.js : Button Component
Casey Morris

What if you have a input component that may or may not use a change event? When your component takes a prop it seems that it must use it. To get around that you have to do a undefined check. Is there any optional props?

template lang=”html”>
 <label for=”this”>{{label}}</label>
 <input :name=”name” type=”text” v-model=”localValue” @change=”fieldChanged”>


export default {
 name: ‘field’,
 data () {
 return {
 localValue: ‘’
 props: {
 label: {required: true},
 name: {required: true},
 value: ‘’,
 onChange: {
 type: Function,
 required: false
 methods: {
 fieldChanged(e) {
 if(this.onChange != undefined){

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