Microsoft Admits Windows 10 Has A Serious Problem

The question of Microsoft playing dirty tricks in making you download latest Windows 10 update has now been answered by the Microsoft itself. The biggest technology company has accepted their fault.

The evidence came into existence when Chris Capossela, the chief marketing officer of Microsoft, himself accepted in the weekly Window’s podcast. He said that he wanted users to update and run Windows 10 in a much secure way. He also said that their team tried to keep the balance of being in the line in making that happen, they never wanted any aggressive force to come in between without testing for the faults and errors. They didn’t wanted users to hustle for fix my computer series problem with so called Pc support and technical support. They wanted users to run for laptop repair and computer repair shops for security purpose.

Adding to this, he revealed that they were somewhat successful in keeping that for a year, but they missed at just one point. Particularly, he was talking about the Red X button, which closes program and stop it from running. But, with the Windows 10 update, it wasn’t the same case. The Red X button didn’t mean cancel, and take you to the update even if you don’t want this. Even I couldn’t fix my computer and save from getting a Windows 10 upgrade. None of the pc support or technical support steps could save you from this. After couple of hours, when the people around the world hit that button, we found that we have gone too far, he said. Something that have changed the behaviour takes time for rolling out, making it difficult and painful for us and that too for two long weeks, he added.

Of course, Chris was right. This tactic of changing the operation of Red X button is the lowest possible level for a tech company like Microsoft. After all we never expect something like this from Microsoft. It was like I wanted to fix my computer from virus and some fraud company sold me unnecessary anti-virus program. And this is not the limitation, the confession of Chris still has something that is hard to believe.

The dirty tactic of Microsoft wasn’t started with the Red X changed behaviour. Before that users have seen notifications, just like a nagware, continuously for upgrading it. This was the first attempt by Microsoft. They also tried the second tactic of downloading Windows secretly on user’s computer with Windows 7 and 8. They didn’t stop there, and moved toward their third tactic by removing the cancel button from prompt window. It went far with their fourth and fifth tactic, when they impair the Windows 7 and 8 control and longevity and remove granular control as well as new silicon compatibility. You couldn’t fix this through any kind of computer repair or laptop repair service, upgrading to Windows 10 is only an option.

It’s surprising that this was just the first step.

For a tech company that have been successful in managing and providing technical support/pc support by distributing security patches to billions of its users within 24 hours just because the threat was discovered, it doesn’t really ring a bell that rolling out the changed Red X behaviour have taken two long weeks. No decent computer repair and laptop repair service would agree with this. The truth is that Microsoft waited, they wanted to get away with this. They were unable to do that.

In a well-established company, adding or removing something new and unusual requires lot of approval from high command. It cannot be an engineer’s misstep, rather it was a complete calculated move. When the user base for Windows 10 decreased substantially, the idea of changing how Red X would behave was conceived. Because this was the only option left when all of the five tactics failed.

Hearing what Chris has accepted publically is very nice. But, shouldn’t they be apologizing for all these tactics as well? And claiming that they were right for one long year makes us laugh at them.

Of course one cannot say that Windows 10 is a bad operating system. But, it’s too late as the reputation of the Microsoft will always be stained with this dirty tactic.”Getting help 24×7 Helpline Number 1–800–439–5196 (Toll Free)”