Edtech Influencers and the Exploitation of Teacher Voice
Rafranz Davis

A good read, Rafranz Davis. You make me ponder some things about the influencers. There are a lot of great ed-tech tools and more, but yes, I also fear that many “eco-systems” are making their moves into schools. Such as Google, Apple; etc and too many are focusing on the tool / brand, rather than in reality, it doesn’t matter what “brand” you use, it’s how you use it. I was in K-12 IT for 8 years and ran across folks who wanted their brand because they thought it was so great and would revolutionize education. However it’s what you do with the tools that you use, not the kind you buy. I’m veering off track a little bit compared to your work here, but I think you know what I mean. :)

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