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This was a great article. I’ve been waiting to get a perspective on these from someone with a similar point of view as mine. I’ve been looking forward to Silence for a while now, but was kind of unsure how to feel about the Young Pope outside of laughing at Jude Law.

I find the Catholic faith interesting in that everyone I know that has fallen away from the church still identifies as Catholic. I basically just go to mass so I don’t have to lie to my mom about going (which I realize is classic) but I can, and will, explain all the finer points of our religion and misconceptions about what we actually believe to anyone who wants to know (or doesn’t depending on how many drinks I’ve had).

I’ve also never really been able to bring myself to watch Spotlight. And I’ve never been able to explain why, but you nailed it. Going up Catholic, the church almost becomes a part of your identity. It’s your family and friends on a small level, and in a larger scale a part of how you fit into the world. And that scandal, even though it was unfolding as I was too young to really know what was happening at the time, is kind of a devastating blow to all that. It’s hard to imagine that this umbrella over your life could do such awful things to people for years and cover it up. Just thinking it out has really brought me to the point where I want to watch it now, and not just ignore it like we all tried to do back in the day.

So thanks, Lindsay. Sorry I wrote so much, I didn’t really intend to. This was a great article.

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