Helping Brands and Marketing Agencies, by developing custom 2D & 3D online Interactive applications & qTypes

Using Agile workflow, ConceptSauce uses its extensive knowledge in backend systems and Front end, as well as the experience in working with Packaging development and Research agencies to provide an application that aims to solve the challenge of that project.

Using the enterprise system of the Online Activity Builder, ConceptSauce is able to plug in any custom developed application and allow clients to integrate this easily into their data set.

Lately, we developed an application that was deployed to seven countries with seven different languages. Respondents were able to interactive with a 2D application that gave them a choice of options to select from. These options reflected the options each packaging content had. Thus building a picture across the globe.

Contact us for more info on how we can develop a custom application to help your Brand or Research Project by developing a custom qType.

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