Packaging design and Packaging Ideas with Online Hotspot / heat map Concept Evaluator App

Development of packaging is a process that takes months if not years. The process can be a complicated and sensitive process, especially when working on an established brand that is in need of a refresh.

Throughout the process, companies look to improve the packaging design or form to improve the performance of the product. As improvements buy a few percentage points can mean massive gains in revenue.

Testing these concepts with consumers is done via focus groups, online quantitative research or qualitative approaches.

One method that many brands and research agencies use for rapid concept testing is using the online Hotspot Concept Evaluator application. This application built by ConceptSauce, provides clients the ability to upload images of packaging concepts, in the form of a new body shape, or reworked artwork.

The respondents are then shown the concept with the ability to make notes on the areas of interest.

Online Concept Evaluator and Heatmaps

The data can be fed back directly to the main survey using an API call, and also a Dashboard can be built to evaluate the concepts using Heatmaps or area analysis tools.

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