Using 3D Virtual Shelf builder for POSM / POP / POS visualisation and research

POSM are unique stands/shelf’s that have been specifically designed to promote and advertise the key features of that brand or special promotion.

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These POSM’s enable brands to showcase their products in a visually interesting and impact-full way. For one such client, they were looking to optimise the POSM elements to see what aspects of the POSM can be improved or does a particular setup work better than the other at influencing and simplifying the purchasing decision.

For this project we created a 3D virtual mock-up that is that is then uploaded to the 3D virtual planogram builder. The cells were built with varying elements and changes.

These cells were integrated into the Confirmit survey, respondents were able to interact with the products and all real-time data sent back via the API to the Confirmit platform.

The data is then analysed to identify patterns and further evaluate the options for each POSM configuration and design impact.

The interactive POSM will be further developed based upon the feedback and results.

See how our online 3D virtual shelf builder can help you with your POSM / POP / POS, Shelf Branding, Shelf Talker, Leaflets & Leaflets Dispenser, Wobblers designs and optimisation.

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