Virtual Prototyping using Online 3D technology

The aim of this article is to help in understand how to use 3D technology for improving the radially speeding up the concept development process.

Virtual Prototyping is now made possible online, and not restricted to expensive custom applications. These expensive applications serve a purpose in that they provide clients with the means to visualise complete super market interiors and shelf setups.

Supermarkets and Brands are constantly looking for means to improve the sales for any number of product lines. This can be done via promotions or strategic placement of products on the shelfs.

When it comes to the brands, new packaging ideas are developed in isolation to the supermarket environment. This can have a negative impact on the performance of the new product. As such, virtual prototyping in a store environment, especially at an early stage of the product development process is key to avoiding and improving the chances of success for this new product.

Virtualising a new concept, it is made possible by taking all the dimensions, mock-ups, branding elements and combining this into a digital format that allows consumers/respondents to clearly see how this new product will look when it is manufactured.

The same virtualised concept, can then be used in a number of ways. From the same digital asset, it is possible to build online surveys that utilises hotspots and interactive free hand markup, this allows clients to gather real-time feedback on the concept, both in 2D as an image, or 3D as a fully interactive concept prototype.

Another use for the digital concept is to place this is in a virtual shelf and rapidly examine its impact on the shelf. This can be visual impact or the pricing impact or indeed both.

With the virtual shelf, clients are able to place the packaging concept on a shelf, with various options, such as price changes and analyse the purchasing behaviour of consumers virtually.

The development of 3D technology has come far, and with today’s tools, it is possible to develop new tools/applications rapidly.

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