Virtual Shelf and Shelf Tests

Quantitative Research

ConceptSauce Virtual Shelf’ enables clients to test products in a competitive virtual environment using a digital retail shelf. The virtual shelf allows the simulation of a real shelf in which it is possible to replicate the consumers in-store purchasing behaviour.

Virtual Shelves have been deployed globally with countless brands and are used in Conjoint studies where pricing and promotions have been the focus of the study.

This online platform gives clients global control over replicating any type of retail shelf. Be-it chilled or frozen categories and any other type of retail display/unit.

The layout of the shelf can be changed easily, duplicated and adjusted to study how the various aspects of the shelf design affects and impacts the consumer choice behaviour. This adaptive and no plug-in system provides speed and effective concept communication in context.

Contact ConceptSauce to see have a play with a demo virtual retail shelf.