Google Home vs Alexa
Johna Paolino

Interesting perspective. I’ve found that asking my kids about things like this is the perfect test. How does a child see it. Not jaded by knowledge of history (yet). Now keep in mind I have all girls, but they think that both Google and Alexa have a “Pretty” voice. They here themselves in the amazingly smart technology that knows everything. They think of “her” as a source of information, not a source of service. They love that she knows the weather better than the weather(person) on TV. That she knows the tallest mountain in the world, the distance to the closest start in feet, meters and miles. That being said, a favorite feature of mine in waze is the ability to make the guys from Top Gear (now Grand Tour) tell me the fastest way to get home.

Either way, I’m excited for the future of voice and how my team Cremalab can serve our clients building on these new operating system. What an awesome world we live in now!

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