How Social Media Automation Can Cut Your Sharing Time in Half

I found this post very depressing. “Share” and “Social” imply both reciprocity and humanity — they imply a conversation. Technology is at its very best when it facilitates conversation/connection. In this article “sharing” is 100% push. There is no reciprocal sharing or social interaction described or valued anywhere in this article. Even the one moment of interaction is about “resharing” — not conversation. When you say “share” I think you mean “publish”.

This is depressing as a human but it is also depressing as an entrepreneur. In my opinion, the most important axiom in marketing and communications is that “markets are conversations” from the Cluetrain Manifesto.

For thousands of years, we knew exactly what markets were: conversations between people who sought out others who shared the same interests. Buyers had as much to say as sellers. They spoke directly to each other without the filter of media, the artifice of positioning statements, the arrogance of advertising, or the shading of public relations.
These were the kinds of conversations people have been having since they started to talk. Social. Based on intersecting interests. Open to many resolutions. Essentially unpredictable. Spoken from the center of the self. “Markets were conversations” doesn’t mean “markets were noisy.” It means markets were places where people met to see and talk about each other’s work.
Conversation is a profound act of humanity. So once were markets.

Doc Searls and David Weinberger Chapter 4 Cluetrain Manifesto

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