American Putin

Philip, I think this is accurate. I certainly don’t think Trump is in any way calculating much of anything. Sure, Putin is playing this for any advantage he can get. Both Assange and Trump are megalomaniacs happy to ride whatever wave keeps them afloat. But like the idea that the DNC was working to favor the Clinton campaign, this is old and obvious. Americans love a conspiracy but this is just same ole, same ole. I guess it’s a conspiracy to say the Russians are conspiring to disrupt our elections but it’s not a very secret conspiracy. I can only image we are doing the same to them. H. Clinton and Trump are both part of the same system, the same world order. Sanders is too but at least he sees another system is possible. I am voting for Clinton and I am doing it enthusiastically because there are two candidates and one is sociopath and the other is fundamentally a good person. It’s an easy choice.

And I would rather another system that wasn’t governed by the (a)morality of markets — a system where the fact we love each other wasn’t the thing we worked so hard to hide. Trump is a logical output of American Capitalist values — reap what you sow and all that. We can point our fingers across the seas at the evil Ruskies or some other ancient boogeyman, but the real enemy is us — we did this shit to ourselves.

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