7 hashtags for the #MuseumWeek 2016

7 colours, 7 themes, 7 hashtags for the #MuseumWeek

Different shades of blue, green and yellow: seven colours for seven days of the #MuseumWeek.

Since 2014, this is an unmissable date for museum professionals and lovers that meet on Twitter using seven hashtag (one for each day).

Mark on your calendars 28 March to 3 April!

#secretsMW | #MuseumWeek 2016

On Monday March 28 we being with blue: #secretsMW. What happens far away from the visitor’s prying eye? We find it out following the hashtag of the day. It will guide us “behind the scenes” of the museum, revealing the secrets of their collections.

#peopleMW | #MuseumWeek 2016

Do you want to know who is behind the museum and who did help to make it so? Then, we don’t take on commitments for Tuesday March 29 and #peopleMW: this will the perfect opportunity to meet founders, curators and museum operators.

#architectureMW | #MuseumWeek 2016 and #heritageMW | #MuseumWeek 2016

Wednesday March 30 is #architectureMW time, a day to go deeply into the structure of the museums, the history of the buildings and the neighbourhoods. The architecture of museums may seem less important but the “container” is important too.

We add green to blue and explore the cultural heritage of the museums for #heritageMW: on Thursday we’ll follow them to know their collections.

#futureMW | #MuseumWeek 2016

During te #MuseumWeek, we talk about the future projects of the museums too. The green is the background for the #futureMW on Friday April 1. This day will be dedicated to innovative plan, challenges and research projects because it is important to look to the present looking to the future.

#zoomMW | #MuseumWeek 2016

New day, new colour. Saturday April 2, everything will have another dimension thanks to #zoomMW. We’ll look at the museums through a magnifying glass and make room for anecdotes and details behind the works of art.

Wich is the better way to end this fruitful week? We use #loveMW on Sunday April 3. We’ll admire the photographs of the collections chosen by the museums and, as is stated in the event website, this will be the day of “love at first sight at the museum”!

#loveMW | #MuseumWeek 2016

How will we take part in the #MuseumWeek?

We’ll follow Italian museums and museums all over the world on Twitter and we’ll interact with them by retwitting and ask questions without forgetting the hashtag of the day.

Don’t make plans for March 28 to April 3, we’ll have an interesting and colourful week.

Originally published in italian at www.colorability.it on March 9, 2016

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