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The modern-day John Law is slowly losing control of the narrative

Elon Musk speaking at the first launch conference of Falcon Heavy (Credit: Wikimedia Commons)

For the first time in Tesla’s 17 years of unprofitability, minus the quarters where the EV company bought Bitcoin or benefited from government subsidies, those outside the banished-from-public-discourse community, $TSLAQ, have started to question the carefully constructed narrative that Elon Musk is an innovative genius, the green messiah that will help us save the planet, and, if that fails, colonize Mars.

It took an out-of-the-blue appearance from an Anonymous doppelganger, who set out to expose Musk as a bad actor, a billionaire who’s built his fortune hiding behind the moral virtue of clean energy and by tapping into our dreams…

The perfect excuse to fire up the money printer once again

Photo by Tomasz Zajda

On the surface, it’s easy to assume the monetary system is a well-oiled machine, but underneath, you’ll find that the systems greasing the wheels of global finance are anything but proficient or concrete.

Complexity hides under layers of obscure, interlinked systems. There are clearinghouses that settle payments, securities, and derivatives contracts, bill auctions that sell government debt to megabanks, and telecom networks, like SWIFT, that transfer financial data worldwide in nanoseconds.

Then, watching over us, we have Big Brother-style government agencies like the Department of Homeland Security, OFAC (Office of Foreign Assets Control), and FATF (Financial Action Task Force), monitoring…

The digital currency “space race” is on

Photo by Executium on Unsplash

As the world continues to embrace the digital monetary age, behind the scenes, a central bank digital currency “space race” has emerged. With over 80% of central banks worldwide jumping on the crypto bandwagon, researching, developing, creating, even implementing central bank digital currencies (CBDCs), we’re approaching the climax of the latest financial cold war, and we’ll eventually find out which state, nation, or empire has achieved digital monetary dominance.

In the U.S., Fed Chairman Jerome Powell had rejected the idea that the U.S. central bank might implement a digital dollar, but since the opposite of what central bankers say usually…

How the next correction will fuel the largest asset bubble yet

Photo by Jarosław Kwoczała on Unsplash

Welcome to the age of economic madness, where it’s possible to become the world’s richest man without turning a profit, where three billionaires hold more than 50% of the wealth, and where Gene Simmons pumps cryptocurrencies on Twitter. This is not a simulation, a drill, or a dream. This is real life. And as each day passes, we grow more desensitized to ever-crazier situations and scenarios, accepting these as the “new norm.”

But this is anything but normal. Rockstars peddling shitcoins, billionaires becoming Dr. Evil, and immense wealth inequality does not exist in a society where the people in power…

But the crypto movement is not going away anytime soon

Photo by Andrey

For someone who has been bullish on crypto over the years, declaring that Bitcoin will never become the world’s global reserve currency seems unusual. But let’s be realistic. The idea that the elites will suddenly embrace a currency with sound money principles, waking everyone up to the cheap money status quo that has allowed the financial aristocracy to gain an ever-increasing amount of power, wealth, and control, is an even crazier position to hold.

Fellow crypto enthusiasts must recognize that Bitcoin is incompatible with their agenda, and they will never let it replace or challenge the fiat currency system. This…

How a hidden stock market crash exposed the illusion of stability

Credit: Adobe Stock

March 26th, 2021, was yet another typical day in the latest bull market. Stocks barely moved, inching up 0.21%, and the VIX index, the go-to measure of market volatility, remained calm throughout the trading session. But while the S&P500 was in a lull, a mini-crash had arisen in various, seemingly unconnected stocks of big-name companies. Viacom, Discovery, and Shopify, to name a few, had plunged over 20% with no apparent news or catalyst to explain the sudden move.

It was only hours later, however, that we find out these stocks had something in common. These companies made up the portfolio…

The elites have forgotten what happened in the 1970s

Photo by Johny Vino on Unsplash

Over the past year, the S&P500 has become an unstoppable force, soaring 12% in less than six months, and smashing the long-term 10% annual average out of the park. But even though stocks have provided stellar returns, they have not been the outperformer. Commodities have stolen the show, with corn, soybean, and lumber prices ripping higher, roughly 25 to 50% in less than a month. In other words, global commodity prices have started to experience rampant hyperinflation.

Yet the monetary elites at the Federal Reserve and the U.S. Treasury continue to assure us that this is normal and healthy. Because…

We have become so demoralized by narratives that we forgot to look at long-term trends. And guess what? They look good.

Photo by Joshua Rawson-Harris on Unsplash

I don’t know about you, but I think it’s time we had some optimism in our lives. From the time we wake up, we’re fed a never-ending barrage of fear, information, and misinformation, keeping us constantly confused and hopeless for the future.

Everyone is guilty of spreading negative vibes at some point — including this author, but if we strip back the fear porn, the mass media matrix, the politics, and the social injustices for one moment, though it’s hard to believe, we have made decent progress as a species over recent history.

We got so angry at each other…

It’s gone rogue

Photo by louis dk on Unsplash

How do we expect to achieve anything anymore if we’re constantly fighting each other using nonsensical labels, ad hominems, and doxxing to win a culture war that, let’s face it, will end in even more division? We keep falling for the media matrix, the manufacturer of the political divide, which has become a misinformation engine designed to make us angry at each other so we stick around and feed the media elite’s bottom line.

We still haven’t realized this. We’re still rats in a cage. We play along like it’s not destroying our sanity and mental health. Deep down, we…

The corporatist machine is watching and waiting, ready to neutralize real innovation, progress, and prosperity

Photo by LYCS Architecture on Unsplash

In a true capitalist system, society tends to reward ideas that enrich culture and improve the well-being of citizens. In a crony capitalism system, however, bad actors in high positions of power censor good ideas and replace these with inferior ones, and then promote these as innovative game-changers.

What determines whether an idea is “good” or “bad” is neither the dictionary definition nor “good vs. evil” subjectiveness. It’s whether it does or does not threaten the status quo of the elitist American power structure. This is why Amazon, Netflix, Google, and Facebook now make up 18% of the biggest Ponzi…


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