Tips for Building an Efficient NOC & Help Desk Services

The services that an NOC provides to a multinational company along being the ones that lead to the cutting down of costs often prove to be very much stress relieving for the company itself as well as the employees of the company. But the NOC services are often mistaken to be an NOC help desk which it is not actually.

NOC Services

The very less understanding that people have about the NOC services often reduces its usefulness to that of a NOC Help Desk. When a company steps forward in the direction of hiring NOC services, they have to have a complete understanding about what NOC services are and what they are not. This clarity is the demand of the situation so that the company does not mistake the services to be that of a NOC Help desk.

There are number of differences between the NOC services and NOC help desk. The most basic and important one being that the method and interface that is used for customer interaction is different in both of these. The network problems that are faced by any MSP can be solved by a help desk by means of a telephonic conversation or chat sessions. The working of a NOC Help desk is more directed to the customer facing role. A good NOC service provider is always the one that cannot exist without two major facets that are alert remediation and proactive monitoring services. The NOC is just like an invisible helping hand that serves for your company and its management. At ConcordantOne Tech all the daily maintenance tasks are done in the background so that there is no interruption in the ongoing of your company’s daily procedure. The error free running of your server and its smooth performance are constantly monitored by the NOC. Along with proactive maintenance being performed round the clock, the remediation of event log alerts is done within the specified SLAs. There is a lot of reduction in the work load of your company’s help desk due to the proper and consistent functioning of your NOC. Most MSP’s are not always quite successful in finding the right type of NOC Help Desk. The reason for this is mainly the unavailability of NOC and a help desk being in the same location. The only best and most effective solution to this problem is the integration of both these kinds of services by the use of our NOC services and our Chat help-desk Add-On to provide you superior service that not only gives you higher profit margins but also credibility with your customers.

This is what the management of the company has to say about its service delivery. “We deliver to our customer’s consistent quality with the aim of helping them rely on us and providing them with dependable services and help them attain a higher level business. We at ConcordantOne Tech have implemented a multi point quality control process and dedicate our best resources to perform these checks.”

There are various other esteemed clients of ours that are way too satisfied by working with us and our service delivery system. Rob A proud MSP Owner from the US says “For ConcordantOne Tech NOC services as his company’s account manager has been going great working with the NOC team. The NOC team has been taking good care of the issues that arise on our client’s machines.”

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