How to Set and Achieve Your Most Ambitious Goals

  1. Define what’s important to you
  2. Define what’s REALLY important to you
  3. Make macro goals micro goals
  4. Compound small actions
  5. Review, learn, and adjust

Define What’s Important to You

Practical Exercise

Google Sheet Goal Planner
  • Make my own wine
  • Live in Europe
  • Take cooking classes

Define What’s REALLY Important to You

Practical Exercise

  1. an “I will”
  2. a goal, and
  3. a date

Make Macro Goals Micro Goals

Practical Exercise

Compound Small Actions

Practical Exercise

Review, Learn, and Adjust


  • Take a day to isolate yourself. Write down a list of 101 general things you want to accomplish in your lifetime (ie: make wine, move to europe).
  • You can’t focus on 101 goals at the same time, so limit them down to 5 goals that you want to achieve in the next year
  • Write down a specific goal statement that is structured like this: “I will *insert specific goal* by *insert date*
  • ie: “I will move to Portugal by September 1st, 2019”
  • Break down your larger goal into smaller goals that you can complete daily/weekly (examples given above)
  • Focus on staying consistent and getting 1% better every day. If you do this, you’ll be 378% better after one year
  • Learn from your mistakes, update your plan, and continue testing out different paths until you find the one that leads to your destination




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Concordia Investing Group

Concordia Investing Group

Currencies Trader || Passionate Writer || Personal Finance Connoisseur

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