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We will discuss the ideals behind Concordis, and keep you up to date on project developments. Please check back here over time as we will update the blog frequently. For now, allow us to provide some background.


Who Are We, and What is Concordis About?

Concordis is managed by a team of people across the U.S. from a variety of backgrounds. You can find out more about our individual team members on the About page on our website. Why do we do what we do?

The world is currently in a state of information chaos; we seem to live in an environment of mutually exclusive narratives on nearly every issue. A majority of those issues never seem to get resolved. Worse yet, this environment has served to erode any sense of belonging at large — it’s hard to know where you truly stand when the convenient thing to do is to stake claim in a camp that says all others are wrong. But does that help to resolve our issues, or to build consensus? …

Western-style democracies are experiencing a crisis of truth-telling. Those of us who would like to stay informed about the world around us find the news to be laden with judgments and slippery with slants; and, so the “truth” is often hard to find. We may wish to decide for ourselves what to make of it all, but ascertaining the facts of what happened increasingly requires considerable effort and the discerning eye of a detective. …

Decades ago, media critic Marshall McLuhan wrote that “The Medium is the Massage,” and “The Medium is the Message.” He meant that the qualities of each medium of communication inevitably influence or limit the kind of messages which can be communicated through that medium. The defects of paragraph-based communication media have been exploited.

That exploitation has led to a hyper-competitive “truth”-telling environment in which Western-style democracies are under existential threat. We need a new medium of truth-telling which naturally creates descriptions of reality we can all feel good about believing. That medium will counter the defects currently being exploited, so let’s examine the defects and consider the qualities of a suitable alternative, which will not be subject to the same tactics of exploitation. …

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