Want to research ICOs for the whole community? Qfellow Season is HERE!

Jun 7, 2018 · 2 min read

TL;DR: I want to apply directly => Qfellow Application

The Qfellowship Program is the backbone of ConcourseQ, the original ICO due diligence community. The ConcourseQ community has completed full due diligence reports on hundreds of ICOs in the first 10 months of its existence and our work has included:

  • Issuing warnings on 171 different ICOs.
  • Publishing 15 editions of Terrible Token Tuesdays.
  • Being directly responsible for shutting down at least two fraudulent ICOs (Moirai and Cvent).

We maintain this database so that anyone can get a second opinion from a seasoned community member before taking the plunge.

You may have heard of other projects raising millions of dollars to research ICOs and wonder how ConcourseQ is any different. To start:

  • No exploitative volunteer labor: We value our Qfellows and compensate them accordingly with $350/month worth of ether to share their research with the community. ConcourseQ has never collected revenue and we are not planning to in the future.
  • Springboard to full time employment: Three Qfellows have transitioned from an old economy job to working full time in the space, while one of our student Qfellows secured a summer internship as a token analyst. All work on ConcourseQ is publicly verifiable and we enthusiastically support Qfellows that want to transition to building.
  • Part of a broader open organization: The Qfellowship program is a cornerstone of the ConcourseQ community. Many Qfellows have also worked on other community projects such as the Layer2 token curated feed.
  • Not doing an ICO: We need the independence to call out scams. Exorbitantly funded ICO research startups are conflicted between courting ICOs to join their TCRs and calling out fraud. We are here to speak truth to scammers.

Where does the money for Qfellows come from?

Our pockets. If anyone reading this is interested in supporting this work by sponsoring additional Qfellows, please get in touch. We fund the Qfellowships that we can afford, but with more help, we could expand the program faster. ConcourseQ is technically for-profit at the moment, but we are researching how to convert ConcourseQ to a non-profit entity with an open-source code base.

Apply here: (4 minutes)

Qfellow Application — https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSczKfV_iBxPITTIeebFSSWAGC0aTBnXl6pjuf63HB6xHO1O1g/viewform


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