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Aug 31, 2017 · 2 min read

ConcourseQ is building a due diligence community. We know there’s a bunch of people that do high quality research on projects. Sharing that research is sometimes a thankless job, especially when you are investigating issues surrounding well-financed projects with down-vote bots patrolling social media.

ConcourseQ is launching the first iteration of its research fellowship program. Research fellows will regularly share their research on ConcourseQ alongside other members. (If you’re curious as to what a research page looks like, check out the research on the Kik ICO)

Ideal candidates are:

  • Deeply engrossed in new blockchain projects.
  • Doing research on a regular basis, whether or not you are sharing it
  • Enjoy seeing high quality projects getting funded
  • Eager to help fellow community members avoid dangerous sales

The selection process will start after you fill out the Qfellow Application and have 2 phases:

Phase 1 — Complete a sample ConcourseQ wiki for an upcoming ICO.

Phase 2 — Short interview with us, and then edit and supplement a ConcourseQ wiki written by another applicant.

The accepted fellows (2) will receive:

  • $350 worth of Ether as a monthly stipend, extendable at our discretion for up to 3 months. (Possibly a promotion after that)
  • Special flare on ConcourseQ to denote their status as a fellow.
  • Verifiable credential to demonstrate to future employers their interest in blockchains
  • Platform to share what they find with interested and like-minded enthusiasts.

If you’d like to be a part of building something that will make the community stronger, fill out the Qfellow Application right now. We will process prospective fellows in the order we receive them.

If you have any questions, we’re available at ConcourseQ Discord to answer them all. (or if you want to talk about ICOs, we enjoy doing that too)

ConcourseQ is the token due diligence community powered by ProveQ.


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