Grievous Error

“Grievous Error” is a psychological abuse tactic used by people as a way to deflect blame or to end a relationship, friendship or partnership.

The person using Grievous Error has already decided to end the relationship or deflect blame long before the Grievous Error event occurs.

Grievous Error means that you have done something so horrible, so unspeakable, so wretched that your accuser cannot even bring themselves to speak of it. And if you don’t know what you did, that’s part of the tactic. It could be anything really. If they do list a reason, it is usually deeply tied with emotion or misunderstanding and you won’t get a chance to explain yourself…if indeed there is anything to explain.

With no communication, nothing gets solved so users of Grievous Error don’t want things to be solved. And while you’re left wondering what you did that was so terrible, know that you didn’t do anything.

You must understand it is a psychological abuse tactic so when someone presents you with a Grievous Error, accept it and don’t get too involved in it. Yes, it may hurt or cause you pain, but don’t go into a spiral.

Let that person go in love. And compassion.