How To Be Impeccable With Your Word On Facebook

Ah the Impeccable life! It’s so chill relaxing and easy. As described in the book The Fifth Agreement by Don Miguel and Don Jose Ruiz, the first agreement is to be impeccable with your word…and this can be difficult in these modern times. But through this article I will show how easy it is to be Impeccable on Facebook leading to you being impeccable in your real life.

Our modern culture runs on gossip and rumor. Television programs glamorize character defects such as jealousy, envy,lying, cheating and materialism. As children we were taught by adults that this was the way to communicate. Television was the teacher for how people handled relationships. It wasn’t until I took an Interpersonal Relationships class did I learn that everything I had been taught was wrong. And after attending an intensive Life Skills course I realized just how poorly people communicate. By and large, people don’t even know how to communicate. Facebook has made this worse.

When we talk about people, places and things we are gossiping. News is gossip and rumor. These are the rules most people operate on. Generally, people communicate in gossip and rumor. This habit can be hard to break because it’s so insidious and it is quite an expansive topic. So let’s use Facebook as the social microcosm to explain how to be Impeccable in the offline macrocosm of your life.

Much like our modern culture, Facebook encourages people​ to be gossipy, opinionated, critical and cynical. Sure, there are happy non-judgemental posts to be found but some people insist on posting things that have nothing to do with you. Posts about divisive subjects like war, news, politics, celebrities and conspiracy theories​ can really drag you down. So let’s clean up your Facebook with a few tweaks And hopefully these tweaks will spill over into your daily life. Let’s unlearn what our culture taught us.

1. It starts with you

Being impeccable means being faultless, flawless or irreproachable. This is not to say you don’t have faults or flaws, being impeccable means you just don’t speak publicly about where you are stuck. Or angry, or frustrated, or tired. If you do a quick glance down your Facebook feed filled with complaints, opinions and envies you can see that people are not being very Impeccable with their word. But you can choose to be impeccable with your word in a maelstrom of unwanted and unwarranted information that you never signed up for.

You can start by becoming aware of what you’re posting. Are you posting something negative or divisive? Something political or staunchly religious? Are you revealing too much about yourself? Are you gossiping about others or yourself? Are you asking for opinions, sympathy or encouragement? Are you being down on yourself? Are you beating yourself up?

All of these things are you not being impeccable with your word. Now, you get something from everything you do otherwise you wouldn’t be doing it. Focus on what your getting from negative behavior. Venting can feel good in the short term. Complaining can feel good. Getting sympathy from others can feel good. Even negative attention can feel good. But if you want a lasting “feel good" effect, try being Impeccable with your word.

2. What You Get By Being Impeccable With Your Word

What will being impeccable get you? Relief, actually. By being impeccable with your word no arguments can form. Impeccability disallows strong beliefs and opinions to form. By being impeccable no beliefs need tending, no opinions need defending. You can let things be. Nothing needs judging or figuring out. Things just are. When you are Impeccable with your words, other people start being Impeccable with their words towards you. Life becomes peaceful and easy while struggles simply evaporate. Negative projections from others can’t take root in your vibration or energy field. Treat your vibration as if it were a beautiful garden. But if you’ve not been Impeccable with your words, you might ha e to do some vibrational gardening.

3. Pulling The Weeds In Your Garden

Keeping and maintaining a high vibration is of vast importance in your spiritual life. You dictate what comes into your vibration so if something causes you a negative emotion, ignore it or get rid of it. Much like your vibration, also think of your Facebook as a garden and start pulling weeds.

If you come across a posting that makes you feel a negative emotion, simply hide that users posts from your news feed. Or you can unfriend them. Or just block them altogether. Easy.

But you may not want to just block people outright. They may be temporarily unconscious, swathed in ego or pain body.

Briefly, let’s talk about ego and pain body. First coined by spiritual teacher Exchart Tolle, Pain Body is a semi-conscious entity that must be fed by forcing the unconscious individual to revel and marinate in past emotional wounds and trauma. It also makes present issues more painful than they really are.

Ego Consciousness focuses on negative events and disqualifies any healing or Divine knowledge.

Negative posts come from ego and pain body so that person is completely unaware of the poison that they are spreading. But don’t publicly admonish them in a comment or even send them a message. People in pain body or ego are irrational and unreasonable so you can’t get through to them. If you do try, they might lash out at you. Just don’t comment and send good thoughts their way. Sometimes being Impeccable with your word is to simply say nothing.

Now, you might say that ignoring or blocking upsetting things is hiding away from the world. Oh no, this is not hiding. It’s embracing who you truly are. If you want to be a largely positive person or if you want to be an uplifter … even if you just want to feel good … you cannot focus on negative things and expect to live a peaceful life. You create your own reality. And focusing on negative things makes them more powerful.

In choosing to ignore drama, strife, pain and suffering it creates a culture of compassion and tolerance inside of you. That is where you truly help. Abraham says that one person in alignment is more powerful than a million not in alignment. Yes, there are bad things going on in the world but if they have no direct effect on you or you’re not personally willing to do something about it, then quit drawing attention to it. Mad at who was elected president? Well no amount of complaining is going to work. In fact, complaints and venting and rants never work. It just makes the thing you are complaining about stronger. Whining just gives you more to whine about. Field tested! Eventually the complainers will get tired of complaining once they figure out that it’s not working. With you maintaining a high vibration and in total alignment, you become a curiosity to those unconscious ones. So the best way to dispel negativity, ego and pain body is to pay it no mind.

So after you’ve cleaned up your garden, take a look at your feed now. No more whiners, complainers or pain body posts. Your feed is now filled with positive, affirming and spiritual posts. Your news feed is now filled with impeccability! Don’t worry about the people you’ve blocked. Love them from afar. They will realize it eventually. But an alternative to outright blocking, you might want to refer them to this article in a discreet way to get your point across.

4.Now What To Say?

If what I’ve talked about so far in this article has rendered you Facebook mute, then good. Being speechless is a good thing. You may realize that you’ve been posting a lot of inconsequential crap. Wow. What a realization! Can you handle it? The truth is unforgiving in it’s harshness. I’ve been there when I’ve realized I’ve been a Debbie Downer. But forgive yourself immediately.

Go to your Facebook feed. Now, read among your own posts and those of others. Try to categorize them in different ways. One might have come from ego. Several may have come from pain body. You might notice a lot of self-pity. You might notice post where you’ve complained. Do any of your posts have a whiff of inspiration about them? Are some just a silly innocuous meme or something funny? How does your garden look? Is it attracting destructive bugs or are there bees and butterflies?

Don’t judge yourself or beat up on yourself. You didn’t know you weren’t being impeccable with your word. Now you know. Instantly you can enjoy the benefits of being Impeccable on Facebook. Now what are you going to post on Facebook?

Before every post you intend to make ask yourself “What benefit does what I’m about to say have to anyone including me?”

If something bad happened to you, what good does it do to post it on Facebook?

It actually strengthens that bad thing. If you have a headache and only you and your head know about it, then it’s easier to make that headache go away. But if you post on Facebook that your head is killing you, then now the whole world knows so they send that projection towards you. Being Impeccable with your word when you don’t feel good can actually make you feel better.

So exactly what do you post now that you know this? That is a very good question. If you feel muzzled by this article then that means you may have been posting in a non-impeccable way. But now you get to discover a whole new way to communicate via Facebook. Post a picture of your delicious dinner. Post a revelation that has come to you from deep thought. Link to an inspirational article. Tell what you learned in a class you are taking. Show progress in your workout routine. Make your Facebook an inspiring place. And then watch your real world change like magic.

5. When To Comment or When Not To Comment

What other people post may trigger unwanted feelings within you. That’s a sign to ignore and move on. If someone posts a strongly held opinion on something, your input is not wanted. If you feel compelled to comment, make sure it is encouraging, uplifting or kind. But what if someone is being non-impeccable and posting that they feel bad? Well, you can ignore it and simply send them healing thoughts. You have no idea how damaging posting how bad you feel is. The truth is that feeling bad means the person is not in alignment so commenting on a negative post throws them further out of alignment. You may want to post “you’ll feel better soon” but try to not give their malady more strength by acknowledging it. Imagine them well and happy. And in doing so you’re being impeccable with your word.

Being Impeccable with your word, both on Facebook and in real life can have a profound impact on your life. Part of being impeccable is to not judge yourself or others too harshly. You allow people (yourself included) moments of being unconscious. But with this knowledge, you’ll be able to catch yourself before posting something in the realms of ego and pain body. And a harsh spiritual truth is that no one cares what you think or how you feel when they are in an unconscious state. So you have to assume that generally people are unconscious so what you post doesn’t even matter. Whew! What a relief! No one cares what you think? Wow! What a heavy burden lifted. Only you should have an opinion on yourself so strive for it to be Impeccable.

Much love from your friendly neighborhood shaman,

Patrick John Coleman