How much conventional is good?

Following the standard social rules, is something we learn early on.

Going to school, being good at school, bringing home good notes, getting a degree, finding a partner, getting married, setting up a family, having kids, and mostly…having a job, a 9–5, a “stable” employment.

All of this by the age of 25–30. (the latest!)

What is it that leads us to live the above described pre-defined scheme so much, that when we see we cannot keep up with it, we get into severe trouble, mainly with ourselves?

How much is social pressure defining our lives?

What happens to us, if we appear not to stick to the above “rules”? Are we doomed to “fail”, are we not good enough?

Our mindset has such an important role on our capacity to be authentic, to be aligned with what we truly want, and not to accomplish to what society tells us we must be.

Because following what we truly want, can often appear not to be much aligned with social pressure.

Our mind has also the role of protecting us from pain, as we basically are either going towards pleasure or avoiding pain.

But most part of the time, in order to be efficient, it follows a path, which excludes our deepest wishes and desires, but which we consider being the right one.

Being aware of how much social pressure influences our behaviour and decisions is a first step towards change. Recognizing that what we truly want demands being different, going a different path than the masses, is already a major achievement.

The same applies to changing our career, to starting a journey of career transformation.

One of the things I learned soon while on my journey, is that surrounding one selves with people who share the same values, who have similar ambitions, is extremely important within a journey of personal/career transformation.

Getting to know ourselves, understanding how our mind protects us from danger, how we can reinforce the trust in our capacities and strengths, while integrating and aligning our thoughts with our perceptions, feelings and actions is a further step down the road to fulfillment.

Taking on a journey of career transformation can lead you to step out of what social pressure imposes on you.

It mainly demands acting from a place of authenticity, means doing work which nourishes you, which possibly creates an impact on others and at the same time allows you to earn money and is sustainable.

It is a journey made of various steps, including the mindset step.

But how can this authenticity and alignment be achieved and implemented when we mainly rely on our mind to lead us through the various path of decisions?

During my mBit ( Multiple Brain Integration Technique- mBraining) certification in the UK, I discovered a new suite of methods of coaching which consists in aligning the intelligences of our 3 brains. ( Cephalic/ Head Brain, Cardiac/ Heart Brain, Enteric/Gut Brain) This according to powerful methodologies of NLP, Cognitive Linguistics and Behavioural Modeling. The results achieved through this alignment lead to increased wisdom, success and happiness.

Getting rid of old beliefs, replacing them with new ones, reviewing fears and blockages, becoming self aware, recognizing and embracing our strengths, skills, talents. This is order to have a fulfilling career which is aligned with our values and our lifestyle.

Having a fullfilling work life is essential and covers a major role within our existence, so much, that our whole life gets impacted by the grade of satisfaction we achieve in this field.

Life is too short to do work which we do not like!

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