Innovation and Energy of a Simple Get Together

This is the story of a simple idea.

Towards the end of last month, I spontaneously decided to set up a Meetup Group which concerns my mission. The Zurich Transform Your Career Mastermind Group was born. I remember the description of the group just flowing out of my fingers, it was just a few words about the vision I had in mind for this group.

Here just an extract of it:

“It is for people who are committed to make something happen, who are open to change and acknowledge that self awareness is the first step for this change to occur.

Together we create sinergies, sustain each other in clarifying doubts and ideas, define strategies to follow through and get genuine feedback.”

The targets of my idea are creating a safe place for people to release their thoughts, worries and to gain insight towards a tangible solution.

This through direct help and advice, or through awareness and fellowship.

Within one week I had more than 60 Members and 21 had signed up to the first event. Being an “experienced” Meetuper, I knew that the possibility of several people not showing up, was real.

The day came and we spent 3 very stimulating and interesting hours exchanging opinions and experiences among than 14 people, in a specially reserved area of a newly opened place around the main station in Zurich.

We set up a circle of people, who all in one way or the other, was or is going through a difficult situation at work or within their careers in general.

We discussed the topic of the evening and started bulding the ground for the Masterming part: each of us was respecting the other’s point of view, was free of judgment and open to listen to different opinions and experiences.

Leading the group through the evening was a very motivating and encouraging experience. I got confirmation that we just need space and room to open up and when what we then perceive is an atmosphere of non-judgement, each of us feels free to express their doubts, insecurities and reflections.

Transforming our Careers and start doing work which fulfills us, is a process which requires dedication. It certainly is not a process to tackle on our own, without receiving any help and support of likeminded people.

It concerns so many aspects of our existence and impacts various spheres of our days and lives.

One thing is for sure, this is a journey which I will love to take forward!

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