We really appreciate your support, Gareth Crawford!

It all depends on who is managing the accounts, how many accounts, and what their business is trying to accomplish. I usually use buffer free version with clients that are going to be managing it themselves and have less than 4. If it is over that amount I usually suggest the premium version, especially if they will be engaging in content marketing because of the RSS feature that you guys have, its also great how buffer starts suggesting content. When their needs become more specific like certain types of B2B where they need aggregated analytics and more targeted marketing I usually opt for an alternative service that is usually costlier but more robust (which I will respectfully not mention because this is buffer blog, haha) . So in general, buffer is my go to you can just load it up and leave it or you can customize it as much as you want. I only just started using the power scheduler, can’t believe I hadn’t before. Silly me. Keep up the good work I look forward to further developments. What is your user base currently at? how does that compare to the competitors? If you manage keep your price where its at and add a few more features you would smash it.