Owners and residents of condominiums, HOAs, or leasehold apartments are being overcharged by more than $50 Billion. That is $50 Billion every year!

It is a sad indictment that at a time when blockchain technology and business models are empowering greater decentralisation, millions of people living in shared communal properties are being forced to overpay by thousands of dollars. Unfortunately, most people have no alternative but to pay. Legal costs can easily rack up to $15,000. …

Whilst travelling across California, I was struck by how much condo owners are required to pay each month in condo service charges. A common complaint from the condo owners I spoke to is the lack of transparency and the huge disparity in charges.

In one condo association, owners are required to pay around $380 each month to cover property maintenance charges. However, just across the road, in a very comparable condo community, the charges are on average over $600 each month. What justifies this disparity?

When I brought up this issue with a couple of the residents in the two…

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