A lil Spice Behind the Nice

Asian Spice and Everything Nice: the meme page on all of Prom 2019’s and wannabe’s mouth. Many follow and like the images posted, but few know who runs the page. Signed off as ~Fascist, the head administrator of the page remains unknown. Said identity has been agreed to be kept a secret; this exclusive will use the third person pronoun them/they.

Fascist and their close friends founded the page to share posts limitlessly. In the beginning, Asian Spice and Everything Nice wasn’t as popular as it is now. It remained inactive for about a year and a half until they amongst boredom decided to start organizing it and drew up a posting schedule.

In their perspective, there exist three types of followers:

  1. First, there are the people who like the page and show their support through messages and meme ideas.
  2. Then, there are the people who do not like the page, and because they disagree with their sense of humor, memes have been deleted. When going more into detail, Fascist was clearly passionate and angry at this; they believe that these people are hypocritical in the way that they laugh at other’s memes, but get defensive and hate it when posts are about them.
  3. Finally, there are the skeptical people, those who follow the page with the purpose to discover the identity of the admins. These people go through the trouble of analyzing the word usage to decipher who made them.

In their early days, memes posted would be based off other more popular memes and modified to be Roosevelt relatable. Nowadays, creating these forms of art is driven by audience expectation; they give the public exactly what they didn’t know they wanted. When asked what their contributions to the school were, Fascist found this hard to answer because they do not believe they have contributed anything meaningful. They admit, they have offended some people and made others laugh, “but that’s entertainment”. Contrary to what many believe, Fascist does not take their memes lightly. They control the page with an iron fist — taking people out when the public does not like what they posted — staying true to the pseudonym given to this person.

To future goals, Fascist said that they have two main visions: securing anonymity of those involved and posting as much as possible before May 2019. To the first, they claim that “the gimmick of the page and why people like it is because they do not know who Fascist is.”

So, after getting to know the true nature of Asian Spice and Everything Nice, do you know who Fascist might be?

Laura Barbosa, Staff Writer for Condor’s Nest.